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Cabinets, Counter top, Floor Covering, Sink, Faucet, Hood, Windster from Royalkitchencabinets.com

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Yellow Beech
As Low As $3.00

Yellow Beech, 18.307 sf/box; 36 boxes/pallet, Smooth (polish) surface. Beveled edges. $1.29/sf, $23.62/box. Box sale only, Count that how many boxes you need plus 3% for installation wastage.

Floating install only. Underlayerment (foam)- 200 linear feet/roll, T-molding (8f/pc), Reducer (8f/pc), End Cap (8f/pc), Quarter Round (8f/pc), Stair Nose (8f/pc) are may needed. Sale by roll or piece only.

All information above subject to change without notice. The picture of the floor and accessories that just for your referrence. Contact us if you have any consideration or inquire for container order.



Available Options:
Laminated Floor: ( $3.00 ) -- 5"-8"Sample
( $23.62 ) -- Yellow Beech
( $20.00 ) -- Foam
( $10.00 ) -- T Molding
( $10.00 ) -- Reducer
( $10.00 ) -- End Molding
( $10.00 ) -- Quarter Round
( $10.00 ) -- Stairnose
This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 16 September, 2010.
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